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  • citybg
    highbay, led lightings, fixtures, linears, design lights
    Industrial lightings and warehouse lighting, school lighting and factory lighting
    Tri-Proof Linear
    High-Preformance Lighting Blue Line PRO with 5-7 year warranty
    highbay, led-lighting, industry lighting
    high bay, led lighting, industry lights, floodlights, linears
  • citybg
    high bay, led-lamps, bright industry light, high preformance leds
    Arena and Stadium Lighting
    High Bay UFO
    High Bay UFO Blueline PRO
    5-7 years warranty with IP65/IK10
    floodlights, led lighting, leds, new lighting, environmental friendly lightings, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting
    highbay linear, high bay lights, environmental healty and friendly lighting, IR and UV free, mercury free
  • ledrör
    Linear High Bay Lighting
    Linear High Bay PRO
    Powerful High Bay
    with 160 lumens per watt and 5-7 years warranty
    plant lighting, cree, samsung, diods, leds
    leds, led tubes, tubes without mercury, mercury free, ledrus
  • ledrör
    Eco-friendly and mercury-free LED tubes
    LED Tube T8 PRO
    High-Performance LED Tube with 5-7 year warranty and 160 lumens per watt
    light tubes led, plant lighting in led, factory and industry lighting
    linear high bay, concert lighting, arena lighting, tube, led tube
led tube, ce, rohs, energy effective light tube

LED Tubes

We have all different kind of LED tubes
From 100 lumen to 170 lumen per watts

armatur, ledarmatur

Linear Tri-Proof Lighting

Linear Tri-Proof fixtures for indoor & outdoor use
High safety ratings with IP66 and IK10

downlight, spotlight, ledspotlight

Linear High Bay Lighting

High-performance linear luminaires
With built HLG driver from Meanwell

plafond, takbelysning, vägglampa

Ceiling UFO

Ceiling Lighting microwave and daylight sensor
Reduce your energy costs with motion activation

cornlight, street lights, farm light, outdoor light

Cornlight LED 360 °

LED Cornlight Blueline PRO
5-6 years warranty, IP64 / IP65

inomhusbelysning, downlight, spotlight

Spotlights & Downlights

Recessed Spotlight BlueLine PRO
Retractable Downlights with integrated driver

ledpanel, pakpaneler

LED Panels

LED Panel Ultra Thin PRO
600 x600mm and 50 watts with external driver


Work Lighting PRO

Construction Lamps in LED X Series
Developed in Europe 3 years warranty.


Outdoor LED Lighting

Park and Street lighting - Sword & Shield
Park & ​​Lighting street lamps 5 years warranty


Vehicle LED Lighting

Light Bars from Armour Lights
Military Certified with 5-7 years & IP69K


Floodlight Blueline PRO

Super bright LED floodlight
Heavy duty arena and industrial lighting

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we also customize LEDs for our customers.
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